Started in 2006 by raft guides on the Pigeon River, CWEET has been working with our Appalachian community to call for a clean Pigeon River and enforcement of the Clean Water Act . CWEET wants to see significant reductions of color pollutants, carcinogens, and toxins by the upstream papermill, Evergreen Packaging, in every wastewater discharge permit cycle, as indicated by the Clean Water Act.

Evergreen Packaging is the Pigeon River’s primary polluter of major industrial point source pollution, which is also the easiest water pollution to prevent. The state of North Carolina has determined that the mill is still not meeting water quality standards for color, odor, foam, fish palatability, and full body contact to allow for recreation, a public right, on the Pigeon River.

Clean Water Expected in East TN advocates for continuance of the color variance until water quality standards are met. The Pigeon’s waters still remain, on many days, brown, foamy, smelly, and foul. River guides experience itchy rashes and other ill health effects that may be contributed to the mill’s effluent.

CWEET advocates for the following:

  • Evergreen Packaging is still not meeting water quality standards for color, odor, foam, fish palatability, and recreation on the Pigeon River.

  • The Color Variance must not be dropped until a color standard has been met.

  • We cannot determine whether a color standard has been met until we have a numerical standard, not a narrative standard that is vague and unenforceable.

  • Color equals toxins! Color is more than an aesthetic issue because color is made up of many carcinogenic and toxic chemicals.

  • Toxins may be affecting health of river guides and boaters on the Pigeon River!

  • Evergreen Packaging should be required to implement process changes to clean up their pollution in EVERY permitting cycle.

  • Everyone deserves clean water and no corporation should be allowed to foul precious resources of the commons for their profit.

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