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Community Programs

We believe all life is interconnected, so we work to foster healthy economic and social environments through skill share, education and civic engagement with community programming. 

Some of our past programs include:

  • Art and Gardening Festivals

  • Karaoke Night

  • Low Down on the River

  • Chalk 4 Peace

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Stream Monitoring

CWEET performs biological and chemical tests on the Pigeon River to ensure polluters are being held accountable. These tests are performed by trained citizen science volunteers and the data is analyzed by scientists from local universities.  

Our stream monitoring program partners include:


Swim Guide

We love our whitewater community! And we care about the health and safety of the guides, boaters, anglers and visitors. In the spring of 2019, CWEET began testing the Pigeon River for E.Coli bacteria. With the help of MountainTrue, CWEET is able to post the swimmable status of the Pigeon River at 3 popular recreation spots to the international Swim Guide. 

Swim Guide Resources:


Advocacy & Art

CWEET recognizes the power of art to heal, communicate and transform communities. We infuse art into our environmental advocacy as a way to engage our community and state and local representatives while fostering an economic system that supports local artists. 

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