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CWEET hosts arts, cultural, and educational events throughout the year such as live music shows, river trips, movie nights, and heirloom seed starting workshops.

7 pm - Bean Trees Cafe

July 13, 2017

-Quoted from the Murfreesboro Pulse Publication

What began as a “joke-type thing” among friends became one of the most hard-to-peg bands in Murfreesboro. It could be called Americana, sure, but I guess it comes down to some very dark country roots, band members’ backgrounds in metal that carry over and a liking for morbid-pop songwriting (Springsteen circa ’95-’05) that make The Hardin Draw just seem so cool. Swisher: “I think that’s what we wanted to do—make something totally different from what we’ve done before. I’ve never sang in a band before, though I sang in choirs my whole life. My dad directed choirs and orchestras, and I grew up knowing how to sing and enunciate words. All of a sudden, vocals came into play. I could play instruments but had never attempted to sing in a band before. One night we were talking about vocal harmonies, and I was up for it, so that was a fun challenge.” Talley: “I think all of us, overall, are very melodic in a musical nature. A lot of guys, like Judkins and Jason, come from a metal background. I’ve always been a poppy singer/songwriter kind of guy and more mellow. But I grew up with The Beach Boys and The Temptations, so vocal harmonies have always been a big part of my life. I think when all the songs got constructed, there was an aggressiveness there that I think everybody brings because of their musical backgrounds. Everybody also likes to experiment with space and melody.”

Open to all ages the show features kids activities, food and drinks available from Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee, the group hosting the event.  This event is a fundraiser for Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee.

7 pm - Bean Trees Cafe

June 08, 2017

Singer-songwriter Jon Worley, an east Tennessee native, beats down the same dusty folk rock roads following the footsteps of his predecessors Dylan, Guthrie, Havens, and Cocker, carrying with him and his music the heart and soul our indigenous American culture. He works to combine flares of blues, jazz, folk, bluegrass, funk, along with an African/Appalachian style that captures the essence of true musical revival. With all the pent up emotion of a slam poet, Worley captures the hearts and minds of audiences captivating and evoking them into experiencing the Worley journey. Jon writes about what he knows and that’s the people. His music touches the common man fusing the feelings of a downtrodden generation standing apart from popular culture and prepackaged music. 

Open to all ages the show features kids activities, food and drinks available from Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee, the group hosting the event.  This event is a fundraiser for Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee.

7 pm - Bean Trees Cafe

June 01, 2017

It’s hard to stay still around these boys. They’ve got that toe-tapping, knee-slapping, boot-stomping kind of sound. They get you moving and shaking. Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle—part rowdy honkytonk, part old-time pioneers—equates to a sound that sticks with your soul and leaves you singing barefoot into the star sky. 

They pull from all sorts of genres—from Lead Belly to John Prine, from Woody Guthrie to Willy Tea Taylor —to create something unique and deep-rooted. These guys lean into the rhythms of the Ohio River Valley—where they’ve walked upon—and look to the songs in the muddy water and the tradition it carries.

To get “hustled” is to get the full-body musical experience—that head-boppin’, hip-swaying, soul-singing with the stranger next to you. It’s the kind of music that encapsulates you into a community of sound, one that becomes familiar once you hear it, like maybe, you’ve been listening to them forever.

Open to all ages the show features kids activities, food and drinks available from Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee, the group hosting the event.  This event is a fundraiser for Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee.

Art & Gardening On Cosby Festival - Earth Day

11 am - 5 pm - Front Porch Finds

April 22, 2017

Rain Date April 23

Clean Water Expected in East TN is calling all artists, craftsmen, gardeners, and folks to participate in our upcoming Earth Day celebration. Workshops to start heirloom, organic and non-GMO home gardens. Local artisan-led workshops, craft demonstrations, gardening tips and tools, a kids corner, live music, and food. Submit an application to vend or lead a workshop now! Accepting vendors and paid artist-led workshop applications for those selling crafts, garden products, or providing live demonstration or instruction.  Applications here or call  865 453 8535.

Lowdown on the River

1 - 4 pm - Downtown Newport

November 12, 2016

On Saturday, November 12th, Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee will be hosting “Low Down on the RIver” a social event to update the community on water quality issues and the state of Cocke Counties’ rivers. The event will take place from 1-4 at the Danny Wester Memorial Park across from Walgreen’s Pharmacy in downtown Newport. CWEET will offer snacks, drumming, music, kids activities, information, and ways for citizens to become more involved.

Hartford 2030 Community Meeting

6 pm - Beantrees Cafe

November 07, 2016

Want to be involved in creating the kind of community and economy that you would like to see for Hartford?

Community Economic Development Planning is a useful and important tool for determining the future of a place created by stakeholders and members of the place they reside. A new wastewater treatment plant that has been proposed for Hartford will open the door for all types of new businesses.

What is the future we want to create?

Hartford 2030 Initial Community Meeting

6 pm - Outdoor Rafting Adventures

October 18, 2016

Our goal is to engage local Hartford business and community members to identify the ways in which the community would like to see development progress. A settlement with Blue Ridge Paper Mill, after years of civic agitation, allowed for the birth of the local white water rafting industry. The Hartford "commons," the Cherokee National Forest, the south entrance to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and the Big Creek and Pigeon River recreation areas are prime eco-tourism destination spots! It is our belief that progress and development should be focused by citizen-led and locally-owned businesses, highlighting our best assets, and honoring our Appalachian culture and heritage. How can the community build on these ideas? How can Hartford create an atmosphere that will assist LOCAL entrepreneurship, keep dollars in our community instead of allowing big businesses to funnel out money to corporate headquarters in another state? The oncoming development of a sewerage system in Hartford will open the door for many new and bigger businesses to move into town. What does Hartford need to keep, change, and grow? If you would like to be a part of this discussion or involved in community led economic development planning, please let us know!

Red Honey Performs

8 pm - Bean Trees Cafe

July 28, 2016

Red Honey, an Asheville, NC-based rock and blues band will perform at the Beantrees Cafe on Thursday, July 28th in Hartford, TN at 8 pm. The band is self described as coming “from the rolling mountains of Western North Carolina [and] brings their unmatched brand of rockin’ surfabilly to the stage, melting hearts and flushing cheeks in their wake. Dubbed the secret love child of Johnny Cash and Grace Slick, the band’s unique sound draws clear influences from ‘60s psychedelia, surf rock, classic country, and blues.”

Open to all ages the show features kids activities, food cooked by Maria Guzman of the former Front Porch restaurant, and drinks available from Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee, the group hosting the event.  This event is a fundraiser for Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee.

A Night of Interactive Appalachian Storytelling

7 pm - The Front Porch

May 20, 2016

A night of interactive storytelling with amazing artwork from the Beehive Collective. There will be music, poetry, history, storytelling, an update on CWEET's work, and ways for you to get involved. We will have a bonfire afterwards to celebrate our good work, so BYOB! $5-$20 suggested donations at the door. This is an all-ages show. Sponsored by the Tennessee Arts Commission.

Heirloom Seed Planting Workshop

2 pm - The Front Porch

April 16, 2016

Free of charge and open to the public, a “skill share” event. Participants will leave with a variety of organic and heirloom seeds for their home gardens, and have the opportunity to ask questions and share information about gardening best practices. Bring small containers or egg cartons to start seeds! This year's seeds were donated by Sow True Seeds in Asheville, NC and High Mowing Seed in Wilcott, Vermont.

Buffalo Wabs and the Price Hill Hustle

7:30 pm - Bean Trees Cafe

August 15, 2015

Come get "HUSTLED" with the Buffalo Wabs and the Price Hill Hustle! A CWEET fundraiser.

Cutthroat Sharmrock with Jeff County Boyz

7 pm - Bean Trees Cafe

June 29, 2015

Join Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee for our annual benefit for the Dirty Bird with Cutthroat Shamrock. Beer, Burritos, Kids' Stuff. All ages show! Bring ID. No outside booze..

$5 at the door.

O'Possum and the Jeff County Boyz

7 pm - Bean Trees Cafe

May 28, 2015

Join Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee for our kickoff fundraiser on the Pigeon River in 2015. All proceeds benefit CWEET's work for water quality and healthy Appalachian communities. 

O'Possum, based out of Jefferson County, Tennessee, and comprised entirely of members from Cutthroat Shamrock, O'Possum describes themselves as BBQ Mtn Doom Metal. Opening will be the lighter bluegrass ensemble, the Jeff County Boyz.

This is an ALL AGES show. Kids' Activities, Art, Food, Bluegrass and Metal!

Heirloom Seed Starting Workshop

2 pm - Wildwater Pavilion

April 18, 2015

Join Clean Water Expected in East TN for our annual seed planting workshop. We will be offering free heirloom, organic, and non-GMO seeds along with instructions on how to start the seeds with us! 

Please bring your own flats, pots, or egg shell crates to start your own seed.

Seeds donated by Sow True Seed and High Mowing Organic Seeds.

Float the Nolichucky

2 pm - Nolichucky Vineyard

August 17, 2014

Float Trip: 2-6 PM. Afterparty: 6-8pm. 

Bring your own tube! We will have some for sale but not enough for everyone if this turns out to be a big event!  Raft Rides, PFD's (life jackets), and shuttles from the Nolichucky Vineyard to the put-in are free of charge! Tubes will be available for sale at the event! Afterparty will feature music, food, and crafts for sale. This event is free!

All floaters will meet at Nolichucky Vineyard where we will gear up, go over a safety talk, and ride a shuttle 3 miles upstream where we will put-in and then float down to the Vineyard for the afterparty. All floaters will be required to wear a life jacket and sign a liability release form. A safety talk and trained river guides will be on the float trip! Wear shoes! Old sneakers, sandals with a heel strap, or water shoes are recommended. Bare feet or flip flops are NOT recommended!

This trip has been organized by Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee, The Birdhouse, and Nolichucky Vineyard to celebrate the beauty of the Nolichucky and to raise awareness about US Nitrogen, an explosives company that hopes to obtain free water from the River and return it back polluted.

Come out to support our cause to protect the water and call for US Nitrogen to be required to purchase their water from a public utility, which was the companies original plan when they were give permission to locate in Greene County, TN rather than get FREE water and FREE right of way to pollute our beautiful Nolichucky RIver!

CWEET River Carnage Movie Night

8 pm - 5 Rivers Adventures

August 05, 2014

Join Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee for our annual River Carnage Movie Night. A chance to see whitewater adventures gone wrong! This event is so CWEET can show our appreciation to the amazing community of Hartford and all the river tribe.

Bring your own river carnage videos on DVD, VHS, flash drive, or computer. We will hook it up to the big screen and watch 'em all swim downstream. This event is also a potluck and food will be available potluck style. Either bring something to share, or not, come out and enjoy some good entertaining river videos.

Deep Chatham with Dead Farmer

7 pm - Bean Trees Cafe

July 10, 2014

Join CWEET for some rock n roll, folk, and bluegrass music with Deep Chatham and Dead Farmer.

This is a benefit for Clean Water Expected in East TN. All Ages Show!

Strung Like a Horse

7 pm - Bean Trees Cafe

June 26, 2014

A benefit for Clean Water: Lucky Lloyd and His Problems opening for Strung Like A Horse.

Come party with CWEET to help support our work standing up for Appalachian rivers! Art, Music, Kids Activities, Food.

Slaughter Daughters with Lucky Perm

7 pm - Standing Bear Hostel

June 17, 2014

Slaughter Daughters and Lucky Perm perform a benefit for clean water and CWEET.

$5 at the door, all ages. Gourmet Burritos, Kids' Activities, Art, Etc.

Possessed by Paul James with Cornbread Blues

7 pm - Bean Trees Cafe

May 22, 2014

Join CWEET for the soulful folk, country, one-man phenomenon that is Possessed by Paul James. Opening is Cornbred Blues, AKA the infamous Jon Worley.

Heirloom Seed Starting Workshop

2 pm - Wildwater Pavilion

April 12, 2014

Join CWEET and the Hartford Farmers Market for a FREE workshop to learn how to start your own heirloom, organic vegetable garden! 

At this workshop we will utilize heirloom, organic seeds donated by Sow True Seed in Asheville, NC to create seed starts and flats that can later be transplanted to your garden or pots.

Please bring egg shell cartons or small pots or cups to plant your seedling in. We will provide seeds and soil. If you don't have pots come on out, we should have a few extra for ya!

DIY Holiday Workshop: Natural Home Products

11 am - Sunset Gap Community Center

November 23, 2013

Join CWEET for a free workshop to learn how to make your own household products including candles, non-toxic deodorant, and all purpose household cleaners. These products can make excellent gifts for the holiday season! They are all eco-friendly and kid safe! At this event you will learn a new skill in this introduction to making non toxic cleaners, body products, and candles. You will leave the workshop with these 3 items and know how to make them in your own home! We will be using all natural products that are much safer to use, much cheaper than commercial products, and easy to make with a few basic ingredients. 

Please bring an empty spray bottle, or plastic container that seals for all purpose household cleaner, and jelly jar or other small glass or plastic container for deodorant. 

Movie Night - Ingredients: Local Food Takes Root

7:30 pm - Wildwater Pavilion

October 12, 2013

Join us and view Ingredients . Learn about the local food movement! Come out and support your community! Movie Night at the Hartford Farmers Market, October 12th, 7:30, River Rd, downtown Hartford TN. Bring your own chairs & blankets, Snacks will be available for purchase. Free All Ages Event.

Slaughter Daughters on the Pigeon River

8 pm - Bean Trees Cafe

July 30, 2013

Join CWEET for the Slaughter Daugthers, folk punk grass from Witchita, Kansas! Not to be missed. Dead Farmer will be opening! 

Al Ages Show!
Beer, BBQ, and Kids' Activities

Tim Alimena with Legalize Pot Belly Pigs and Biz' Cirque!

8 pm - Bean Trees Cafe

July 18, 2013

Join CWEET for a night with Tim Alimena Music with Legalize Pot Belly Pigs and a special fire and dance performance by Biz' Cirque.

Beer, BBQ, Kids' Activities (all ages show). Listen to some great music, watch the Biz'Cirque lades fire performance, and write a postcard to the State of Tennessee asking for continued clean up of the Pigeon River! Support Clean Water! You can't live without it!

Cutthroat Shamrock with Dead Farmer and the Sinsemillanaires

7 pm - Bean Trees Cafe

June 20, 2013

Join Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee for a night on the Pigeon RIver with Cutthroat Shamrock and Dead Farmer and the Sinsemillanaires.  Letter Writing to EPA for a clean Pigeon RIver will take place early in the evening. 

Movie Night - The Pigeon River Project and Dirty Bird

9:30 pm - Wildwater Rafting

June 06, 2013

Join CWEET for a showing of two short films about the Pigeon River.

The Pigeon River Project
A documentary about the ongoing struggle for a clean Pigeon River as told by the Hartford Community.

Dirty Bird
Take a peek at boating the Pigeon Rivers pristine headwaters, AKA the "Garden of the Gods."

Movie Night - FOOD INC.

7 pm - Sunset Gap Community Center

May 10, 2013

Food Inc. Find out about the state of the corporate food industry, factory farming in the United States.

Heirloom Seed Starting Workshop

6 pm - Sunset Gap Community Center

April 18, 2013

Join CWEET on Thursday for a workshop on how to start your own vegetable seeds. The workshop and seeds are free. We will be using heirloom seed donated from Sow True Seed out of Asheville, NC.

We have various vegetable, herb, and flowers to choose from. Please bring your own flats, pots, or egg shell cartons (work great) to start your seed in.

Movie Night and Baraka: A Poetic Journey across the Globe

7 pm - Sunset Gap Community Center

April 05, 2013

Clean Water Expected in East TN (CWEET) will be hosting a free movie night at the Sunset Gap Community Center in Cosby, TN on Friday, April 5th at 7:30 pm. Popcorn, WI FI, and the film showing will be provided at no charge to the public. The film is appropriate for all ages. Donations to CWEET will be accepted at the event. 

This month's feature film will be Baraka, a documentary film that explores a compilation of natural events, life, human activities, and technological phenomena. It has been described by viewers as a poetic journey across the globe. 

Movie Night - Dirt: A Documentary

6:30 pm - Sunset Gap Community Center

February 22, 2013

Join CWEET at the Sunset Gap Community Center in Cosby, TN for our Spring Film Series. This February we will be watching Dirt. Healthy Snacks, Wi Fi, Free Event!

DIRT! The Movie–directed and produced by Bill Benenson and Gene Rosow–takes you inside the wonders of the soil. It tells the story of Earth’s most valuable and underappreciated source of fertility–from its miraculous beginning to its crippling degradation.

The opening scenes of the film dive into the wonderment of the soil. Made from the same elements as the stars, plants and animals, and us, “dirt is very much alive.” Though, in modern industrial pursuits and clamor for both profit and natural resources, our human connection to and respect for soil has been disrupted. “Drought, climate change, even war are all directly related to the way we are treating dirt.”

DIRT! the Movie–narrated by Jaime Lee Curtis–brings to life the environmental, economic, social and political impact that the soil has. It shares the stories of experts from all over the world who study and are able to harness the beauty and power of a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship with soil.

DIRT! the Movie is simply a movie about dirt. The real change lies in our notion of what dirt is. The movie teaches us: “When humans arrived 2 million years ago, everything changed for dirt. And from that moment on, the fate of dirt and humans has been intimately linked.” But more than the film and the lessons that it teaches, DIRT the Movie is a call to action.

“The only remedy for disconnecting people from the natural world is connecting them to it again.” What we’ve destroyed, we can heal.

Brooklyn's Own Spirit Family Reunion

7 pm - Bean Trees Cafe

June 16, 2011

Join us for a CWEET fundraiser featuring Brooklyn's Own Spirit Family Reunion with Fred Moyse of the Hackensaw Boys and Matt Morelock. We're gonna get down Harftford style with BBQ dinner (veggies options) and more. Save the Pigeon. 100 years is enough!

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