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Our goal is to engage local Hartford business and community members to identify the ways in which the community would like to see development progress. 

A settlement with Blue Ridge Paper Mill, after years of civic agitation, allowed for the birth of the local white water rafting industry. The Hartford "commons," the Cherokee National Forest, the south entrance to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and the Big Creek and Pigeon River recreation areas are prime eco-tourism destination spots!

It is our belief that progress and development should be focused by citizen-led and locally-owned businesses, highlighting our best assets, and honoring our Appalachian culture and heritage. How can the community build on these ideas? How can Hartford create an atmosphere that will assist LOCAL entrepreneurship, keep dollars in our community instead of allowing big businesses to funnel out money to corporate headquarters in another state?

The oncoming development of a sewerage system in Hartford will open the door for many new and bigger businesses to move into town. 

What does Hartford need to keep, change, and grow?

If you would like to be a part of this discussion or involved in community led economic development planning, please let us know by emailing!

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