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CWEET Pigeon River Actions: January 2021

Here at CWEET we are gearing up for a busy start to 2021!

Permit Hearing January 20: Read below!

2021 CWEET New Years Challenge: Pigeon River Appreciation (Scroll down for details!)

Permit Hearing January 20

We have an upcoming permit hearing that greatly affects the Pigeon River here in our corner of the Smokies. Join us at 6pm on January 20th for the public hearing being held virtually online. Over the next month CWEET will be working to bring awareness to the impact of the industrial waste management, as well as relevant information to the short and long term effects to the water, ecosystem, and public health due to the processes allowed/disallowed by the permits.

You can click on the link below to read about the permit, and register for the hearing on the page.


Announcing the 2021 CWEET New Years Challenge: Pigeon River Appreciation

What makes the Pigeon River important to you? Is it the whitewater rush of a paddler's delight, fishing for the bass and trout hiding in the rocks, the electricity it's power creates? Our beloved river is a treasure to people for a variety of reasons, and we would like to celebrate this appreciation. Here at CWEET we would like to know what YOUR answer is to this question ~ so much so that we are collecting great prizes for a video contest!!!

Contestants will submit a short, original video to us here at CWEET telling what they love about the Pigeon River. Entries will be accepted from January 1st until Sunday January 31st, and winners will be announced on Valentine's Day (Sunday, February 14). There will be third, second, and grand prize winners chosen. We are working with our local partners and will be announcing the final prize packages soon!

Feel free to be creative and have fun with your entries! Show your love for the Pigeon! Entries can be submitted to or to our fb page Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee | Facebook


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