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Dear TDEC: Protect the Nolichucky River!!!

The time to act is NOW!! Public comments are being accepted now through Monday, November 30th on the subject of permit renewal for Greene County's US Nitrogen plant. We must add our voices to demand TDEC completes the process of biomass and endangered species data collection and assessment prior to renewing NPDES permit #TN0059366. This data determines the impact of US Nitrogen's practices on water quality, habitat quality in runoff ponds, in surrounding creeks, and the Nolichucky River. Just 5 minutes or less of your time can make a big difference! Scroll down to find out all the details!

Photograph of Nolichucky River by Kevin Colburn

Below you will find a simple form letter asking TDEC to do their job and wait for the required data (biomass/endangered species data) that has not been collected, and is now scheduled to be collected in the spring of 2021. Just copy and paste it into your email with the subject "NPDES Permit #TN0059366 Public Comments, replace "A Concerned Citizen" with your own name (preferably), and email it to BEFORE MONDAY NIGHT! If you prefer, you can call your comments in to (615) 532-0651 or toll free to the field office 1-888-891-TDEC. TDEC/ Ms. Maybelle Sparks, I am contacting you to have my voice heard on the matter of NPDES permit #TN0059366 which concerns US Nitrogen in Greeneville, TN. It has come to my attention that this permit is up for renewal but that the data needed to determine whether the permit should be renewed has not yet been submitted or reviewed. It is also my understanding that there is a study scheduled to happen to collect the data in the spring of 2021. Please delay the permit renewal until all environmental data has been collected and the water quality impact as well as the impact on biomass and endangered species has been analyzed. TDEC has a responsibility to monitor and regulate the ponds, creeks, and rivers that are affected by industrial processes being performed at the US Nitrogen site in Greene County. We all rely on TDEC to ensure that the health and safety of the public is protected, and the natural ecosystem is not harmed by the actions of any industry. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. Sincerely, A Concerned Citizen Here at CWEET we are dedicated to ensuring that our streams, creeks, rivers, and lakes are treated with care. This ensures not only water quality for the environment and natural species (including many endangered species), but also public use, recreational opportunities, and more. Please help us in our quest!


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